Local Taste Tour in Manuel Antonio


Enjoy the Best Cuisine of Costa Rica

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Entertain yourself by learning to recreate Costa Rican dishes in your own kitchen. What you are going to cook will depend on the season, but you can expect to create a good variety of Costa Rican classics.



Local Taste Tour in Costa Rica

During the learning you will know the cooking techniques of yesteryear. You will observe how experienced chefs prepare the tortillas by hand and then you will have the opportunity to try these techniques yourself. You will have a varied menu where you will find picadillos: small dishes quite spicy, as well as ceviche and chicken in tomato sauce. When the cooking class finishes you will enjoy one of the best meals of your trip.


Learn How to Create Costa Rican Dishes in Your Own Kitchen


Traveling through this beautiful walk you will know a cozy part of the Costa Rican culture. You will spend 5.5 hours at the ranch, so you will have time to explore on your own; Take a walk to the Naranjo River, its waters are calm and perfect for swimming in the afternoon.

Note: There are vegetarian options available.


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